Dual Enrollment Brings Opportunities for Students

The Wilson College community is growing in all aspects including its diversity, academics, and athletics. One of the ways the academic aspect grows is through the Dual Enrollment program being added in to Wilson.

Dual Enrollment is a program that allows high school students to take college level courses for credit before they graduate. Typically, Dual Enrollment is for high school juniors and seniors who are looking to get an early start in the college process and a taste of what it is like to be in a college class.

There are benefits to taking dual enrollment classes. One such benefit is that a student can experience a college level course, in comparison to a high school course. For example, taking twelfth grade high school English versus taking college English helps give a better understanding of what college is going to be like while still in the comfort and setting of your own high school.

In the fall semester, President Barbara K. Mistick and Global Vision Christian School (GVCS) President Jeanseok Nam signed an agreement that stated students, faculty, and staff at GVCS school could take courses at Wilson College at a reduced rate.
Another great benefit to this agreement is that Wilson instructors are able to drive to Scotland school, located just under 4 miles from the college, and teach the course so that students at GVCS do not have to travel to another campus to take the course.

Global Vision Christian School is located originally in South Korea, but its third location became available and opened in Scotland, PA.

This is a great thing for Wilson because it helps bring younger students to campus and, even if they do not come to Wilson in the future, students still get to experience college level courses.

These students then attend a college, taking fewer courses thanks to the prior credits earned through Dual Enrollment, giving them the opportunity to graduate sooner.

Dual Enrollment courses also help for high school transcripts and are typically taken by more colleges than the typical AP class. Also, if a student does not meet requirements for AP, Dual Enrollment can be a backup option that can have the same meaning and rigorous structure as an AP course.

Adding Dual Enrollment is beneficial for both students and professors/faculty at both Wilson College and the high school because it gives an opportunity to plenty of students trying to excel in learning and take it a step further.

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