Wilson’s First Annual Pokemon Go! Awards Held

The Wilson College Gamer’s Club hosted the first Pokémon GO! Awards on November 20. Created by Sarah Wain ’21, and approved by Cody Dunlap ‘18, the President of Gamer’s Club, the night held awards for all kinds of Pokémon and different categories for many awards. These categories included best water Pokémon, best fire Pokémon, and biggest boss. Wain said, “I loved playing Pokémon GO! I thought it would be fun and relaxing to get everyone together to get the experience.” She wanted to give the players bragging rights to all the Pokémon they caught and all the work they put into getting all of them.

Elizabeth Hauck ‘17, one of the participants of the night, mentioned she first saw her fiancé and close friends playing the game. She was told to “download it and try it out”. She hasn’t stopped playing since her favorite part of playing Pokémon GO! is being able to walk around. “It’s a good way to get up and moving. It also gives me something to do on the way to class.”, Hauck says.

Katie Lacko ‘17, the big winner of the night, decided to play the game while dog sitting and has played ever since. She plays everyday and walks every morning to earn kilometers to hatch eggs. “Dark and fire types are my favorite types,” Lacko commented. Her favorite Pokémon is Houndoom. She said making people competitive would be the way to get others to play.

Although he does not play the game himself, Dunlap knew how popular it was on campus since many people have run into him while playing. He remarked, “It seemed like a good idea since it was so popular on campus. It brings people together.” While he may not play Pokémon GO!, he plays the videos games and collects the trading cards.

Wain would like to host this event at least once a semester.

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