International Insights: Xiaomeng Li (China) and Seunghee Cho (Korea)

Xiaomeng Li (2007-2011): China

Xiaomeng Li (2007-2011) China

I had an awesome experience at Wilson. I was fortunate enough to be one of the editors of the Wilson Billboard. It was great working with the Billboard staff as they were always willing to help me grow in the media world. I also got the chance to do two internships with the Public Opinion and the Pittsburgher Magazine.

I really enjoyed being a member of Muhibbah club as well as all of the international programs at Wilson. Especially, the Friendly Family program expanded my social circle outside of college throughout my years in college.

After I graduated from Wilson, I was accepted to the Art Institute of Chicago for a masters. The knowledge and experiences that I gained from Wilson was a tremendous help for my master’s preparation.


I just finished my second year as a PhD student at Ohio University in Athens. I have had the privilege to attend many conferences in San Diego and Japan. I will soon be having my comprehensive exam, and if I pass all four of them, I just need one more dissertation proposal to finally become a PhD candidate.

Seunghee Cho (2013- 2014) : Korea

Seunghee Cho (2013-2014) Korea

It was almost 3 years ago that I ended my Wilson experience. This is definitely a good opportunity for me to recall all the good people and events.

I was an exchange student of Wilson in the year of 2013 and 2014. I am currently working as a staff of the university where I graduated back at home. Although the length of my visit was only less than a year, I had such a great time at Wilson. The most impressive program for me was the International Friendly Family, where we are paired up with an American family in town. During the year, I got the chance to stay with my family during Christmas season, and experienced the best first holiday in America. And not just during holidays, my friendly family always cared for me, and offered a hand whenever I reached out for help. I was extremely grateful of their kindness.

Moreover, meeting friends from all over the world really broadened up my vision. I hope that all the new international coming into Wilson will have a great experience just like I did!

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