Editorial: Family is the Most Important Part of My Life

In my life, I have usually taken things for granted and have not given things much thought. It was not until I went for my first motorcycle ride with my dad that I started to think about life. While watching the landscape go by, I began to reflect on my life and realized how much I take my family for granted.
In almost every moment of my life, my family has been there for me. Whether for birthday parties, holidays, sporting events or family outings, my parents were always involved in my sister’s and my life. I have not given it much thought, but I have come to realize that I usually rely on my parents to cook supper when I am home, help me when I need it and to take me to different events. Of course, there are times when I shut out my mom and dad when I am in a bad mood, but I have come to realize that they are there for me in the end.
Some people are not as lucky as me. There are abusive and negligent parents that do not get involved in their child(ren) daily activities. I am lucky enough to have loving parents who support my decisions and help guide me through life. Even to this day, they still help and guide me along to better myself. They get involved in my daily activities such as reading each edition of The Wilson Billboard, taking me to events around the area and listening to any struggles I go through. The biggest blessing from them that I take for granted is that they are helping me get through college, both mentally and financially. They help me sort out my problems and teach me to take one step at a time. Before I started college, my parents said they would split costs, relieving some of the financial burden. I would not have been able to make it to this point in life if it was not for my parents.

I admit there are many things that I take for granted in my life, but I have come to realize just how much I rely on my family. Friends may come and go, but family is forever. And I could not imagine a life without mine.

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