Donor Dinner Brings Students and Alumni Together

Wilson College scholarship recipients got the chance to celebrate the generosity of their donors at the annual Donor Recognition Dinner on Oct. 20, held in Laird Hall.

With more than 60 attendees traveling from all over East Coast, the Donor Recognition Dinner proved to be a wonderful opportunity for students to connect with those who made their college dream a reality. Students expressed their sincere gratitude towards their donors who in turn offered encouragement and affirmation to their scholars.

Students, parents and guests had the opportunity to meet and talk to President Mistick, Wilson’s Board of Trustees, donors, faculty and staff at the Recognition Reception, followed by a full course dinner and program.

The program featured remarks from Keoin Adams ‘19 and single parent scholar Heather Schuler ‘19, who spoke about their experiences at Wilson and how scholarships have helped them achieve their dreams.

Adams shared, “I would like to thank every donor in this room for providing me which such an amazing opportunity to pursue our college education. I, as well as all recipients in this room, would have never made it without your generous help.”

The variety of scholarships from the donors benefits not only traditional students but also students from Wilson’s Single Parent Program. Schuler’s journey with her son, Felix, started a year ago as she joined Wilson as a part time student. With extra assistance, she was able to move on campus and pursue her full time education.

“When Felix and I had the chance to move on campus last summer and pursue my education full time, our support intensified and our lives changed in the most positive way,” said Sschuler. “Since starting here, I’ve had amazing opportunities that would have never been possible without the care and commitment Wilson gives their students or without the support of the single parent scholar program and all of the other mothers here giving it their all and making these sacrifices.”

Throughout the event, donors also connected with students by reflecting back on their Wilson memories and why they decided to continue giving their support.
Robin Bernestein, Wilson’s Board of Trustees member, expressed her excitement towards the big event.

“This event has always been a highlight!” shared Bernestein. “We got to interact with students and get involved into conversation to get to know them better than we usually do.”

When it comes to further expectations for Wilson, Bernestein said, “I hope Wilson will grow large enough to be successful, but not so large that we lose the special community that we are having now.”

Private donations have always been a great contribution to the success of a college education. Especially at Wilson, donors’ generosity enriches the college’s ability to recruit and retain top students, as well as ensures that students from every economic background has access to a college education.

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