Senior Year: Excitement but Anxiety Filled

Finally, senior year has arrived. My last year at Wilson, for my studies and school overall. After this year, I can move on to the next adventure in my life.

Kirsten Bilger

But then I stop and think, “This is it. What is going to happen next?”

Even though I cannot wait until May for graduation, it is nerve wracking to think that my academic life is coming to an end. Since I started kindergarten in 2001, I have spent my life in school. After my high school graduation in 2014, I immediately went to college that fall. It has become the norm to go to classes, study for tests and do homework.

But now I have to think about my future, what I want to do and where I want to work.

Even though I did not enjoy high school, I have enjoyed my time at Wilson over the years. I had a rocky start to college life, but once I got adjusted to it, I started to like being in college. At Wilson, I was able to join different clubs and found a “family” with the Billboard staff. Along with my Billboard family, I have made wonderful friendships that will last well after college. Everyone I have befriended, from international students to local, has helped me through college life and has given me the gift of many fun memories.

Along with great friendships, Wilson has provided me an outstanding start for a professional portfolio. I have received a Wilson College Phoenix Leadership certificate and published my written work in multiple issues of The Wilson Billboard.

And even though doing an internship is a requirement for most majors, I’ve found it is actually very helpful. My internship has given me real-world experience writing for a business publication, and those articles are still being published today.. If it was not for the fact that an internship was a requirement for me, I would not have received this experience to add to my resume.

Although I am nervous about what is to come in the not-so-distant future, I feel that I am prepared for whatever life throws my way. I have my friends that support my decisions and wealth of experience to put me ahead of other employees. So here is to my last year at Wilson, and to the mysteries of the future.


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