International Insights: Charmain A Fernando (Sri Lanka) & Neomi Lopez Moran (Mexico)

Charmain A. Fernando ’08

Charmain A. Fernando ’08

Sri Lanka

As a Biology major and an honors student as Wilson College the in-depth research experience I received changed my future educational and career plans. I absolutely enjoyed having the opportunity and freedom in formulating original research questions and learning novel research techniques in solving the proposed questions as an undergraduate student at Wilson.

After graduating from Wilson, I accepted an internship at UCLA for a year. I was accepted in the University of Central Arkansas where I was a student in Biological Pharmacology and a TA as well. Many years later, I am still fascinated by biomedical research and I am currently finishing up my PhD in Medical Pharmacology and Physiology at the University of Missouri, Columbia. Once I complete my PhD, I hope to work as a research scientist solving problems and contributing to find cures to treat cardiovascular disease.

Noemi Lopez Moran

Neomi Lopez Moran ’08 – ’09


I had a great time and enriching experience at Wilson (2008-2009). Getting to know only the American culture but many others, my world view changed completely. Not only did I understand

more about my fellow friends, but I also appreciate my own culture so much more. There were difficult moments when I felt homesick, however, all the wonderful people here at Wilson helped me make new memories and made me realize that every moment here is worth the homesick pain. After my time at Wilson I came back to Oaxaca, Mexico. Here, I took a Master’s Degree in Translation and Interpreting. I have worked in different positions and areas: fundraising assistant for an NGO, translator and interpreter for many organizations including the State Government. I have taught English as a foreign language and linguistic.

My husband and I currently serve in a Ministry School. We don’t just focus on theory, but we prepare people to live out the Christian principles that Jesus taught through mentoring, teaching and providing opportunities to practice what they learned. Some examples of what we do are visits to orphanages, family oriented activities, visit psychiatric wards, minister to prostitutes, go on mission trips for people in need, etc. The courses are focused on leadership development, identity, loving and serving the community. We emphasize practicing love.

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