HAIKULTURE: Disney Edition


Inaccurate but set to
Beautiful music

Sleeping Beauty

Naps are a blessing
Especially when they can
Stop a deadly curse


An orphan finds out
He’s a god but still must work
Hard to win the girl

The Lion King

If your uncle kills
Your father for the throne, let
There be “no worries”

Alice in Wonderland

Lewis Carroll’s work
is a social satire and
Not about drug use


What if the best meal
You ever ate was cooked by
A Parisian rat?

Finding Nemo

His son was gone and
So was her memory, but
They found a true friend


Still has a better
Love story than 50 Shades
Of Grey or Twilight


A girl tries to change
Her fate but instead turns her
Mom into a bear

Snow White

After escaping
Her death, one girl tolerates
Seven male roommates

101 Dalmatians

A woman’s desire
Leads to attempted murder
To make a fur coat

The Little Mermaid

A teenager gives
Up her voice for legs to snatch
Herself a husband


A fake prince uses
Lies and magic to marry
Into royalty


If you do not cry
When Bambi’s mother dies, then
I think you’re heartless

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