Dancing on the Edge with Orchesis

Members practice for the show
Photo provided by Megan Mizanty

Orchesis, Wilson’s modern dance troupe, will present its annual spring concert “Dancers on the Edge” on Friday, April 7 and Saturday, April 8.
Visiting Assistant Professor of Dance, Megan Mizanty, explained what to expect with the upcoming shows.

“We have three shows, and each show has 15 performances,” Mizanty stated. “We have a lot of different choreographers, maybe eight or nine people. We have students, Wilson alumni- people who already graduated but they are still choreographing for students. Not only that, we also have a guest dancing company; Chambersburg Ballet Company and their high school students are coming to dance. There are about 30 dancers in total. This semester, we have a lot of high energy dancers and uplifting pieces.”

All the dancers have been practicing for the show since the beginning of the spring semester. One of the members of Orchesis, Ruth Laura ’19, and her team are busy preparing for the big show. Laura stated, “We perform different genres of dance from contemporary to ballet to modern to hip-hop. Every member of the club/class has the privilege to choreograph a dance from various aspects or challenges in life like a battle to redemption or search for happiness. In order to have a successful event, we routinely practice multiple hours a week for perfection. Come be a part of the Orchesis family where you have the privilege of emotional expression through dance.”

Another dancer, Anna Harutyunyan ’17, contributes to the show a unique, powerful solo she choreographed that she calls “Even Horizon.” Harutyunyan commented, “My solo’s name is a scientific term that means ‘point of no return.’ This solo is a political piece about refugees which I thought was very much in contact with the recent political situation around the world. The music I chose for this is an Armenian song about a place that you call home. I think this song would connect really well with the idea of the piece because when people are forced to leave their home and country, they never go back. As soon as you become a refugee, you never return.” Every piece of the show has its own unique meaning that promises to create a powerful show.

Do not hesitate to attend “Dancers on the Edge” on April 7 and 8. Tickets are $10 for general admission, $3 for students with ID and $3 for children.

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