Editorial: College Traditions May Turn Into Ghosts Themselves

2015 and 2016 Yearbooks
Photo by Jenna Kauffman

For this last issue of The Bullboard, I wrote an article about how the ghosts of Wilson planned to take over the Wilson College Government Association (WCGA) positions due to lack of interest. Unfortunately, some of what I said in this satire is true on campus as of late: student participation in traditional clubsis lacking.

I understand being busy, everyone is. College does that to you. Freedom and free time are things of the past as students cram to meet deadlines. However, Wilson is different from many other colleges because of the unique traditions and variety of extracurricular activities and organizations. Unfortunately, due to so many students being “busy,” some of these organizations are dying out.

There’s not going to be a yearbook this year. New students might wonder what a Wilson yearbook even is, while juniors and seniors might be confused or concerned. Those who have been here for the past few years know that the Yearbook club takes pictures and documents different student events throughout the year and create a collection of these memories in the yearbook. The yearbook is then distributed to the returning students for free. It gives students a chance to reminisce together about their shared experiences. Unfortunately, because of lack of member interest, there will not be a yearbook this year, and potentially ever again.

Meanwhile, other organizations  are lacking student participation, such as WCGA. The WCGA currently has two members, when the association has seven positions. Elections are coming up, and will any of you be a part of it? The WCGA is the student voice on campus. It is how many clubs receive their funding and helps us connect to important campus board meetings. Without it, not only does it eliminate a tradition, but it will bring into question what is really going on with our campus’s politics.

Other clubs such as Campus Activities Board (CAB) and Habitat for Humanity have also dwindled in members compared to when I first started at Wilson. Not only does this make it difficult for the clubs to function, but it also has changed the dynamic of them.

You may be asking, “Well, then why aren’t you running for WCGA? Why aren’t you trying to resuscitate the Yearbook club? A bit hypocritical to be preaching to the choir, don’t you think?” My answer to this is, I have been focusing on keeping another club floating: Billboard. Thankfully, Billboard has an awesome staff this year and looks promising for the future semesters. However, as Editor, I put a lot of time into it, from long nights during layout weeks to taking the extra time to promote the new issues via email and social media. I am doing my part in keeping a traditional club/organization at Wilson alive.

So, now it’s time for my question. Are you doing the same? Or are you just going to continue to worry about getting in and out of class as fast as possible and then leaving?

Traditions have made their mark here at Wilson, and unless more students start contributing, we’re going to see them slowly disappear. They will only be a ghost of what they once were, to look back on in the archives.

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