Wear the World and Help Save the Planet

Have you ever wanted to make a difference in style? Now you can with Serengetee, a clothing company that uses the profit from selling pocket tees, headwear, bags and accessories to donate money towards organizations all over the world. With their motto “Wear the World,” Serengetee wants to inspire others to learn about different cultures and how those cultures create their fabrics. Jeff Steitz and Ryan Westberg, two previous college students from Claremont McKenna College and University of Arizona who met while in a study abroad program, founded Serengetee in 2012. They collected unique fabric designs all over the world and wanted to make a difference with them. Steitz and Westberg started making pocket tees from those fabrics in their dorm room and now, five years later, they have a warehouse in Los Angeles, California.

Serengettee Representative Sarah Neville
Photo provided by Sarah Neville

A Wilson College student, Sarah Neville ‘18, recently became a representative for Serengetee after hearing about it from a friend who is a representative as well. “I’m always trying to make a difference in the world and I’m really passionate about mission work. It’s mission through clothing which is not something you typically hear about,” expanded Neville.

Not only that, it is a great way for representatives to gain marketing experience. One of Neville’s favorite purchased items is a crewneck sweatshirt with an elephant print pocket tee. As a Veterinary Medical Technology (VMT) student, this sweatshirt holds a lot of importance to Neville as 10% of the proceeds went towards helping endangered species in Zimbabwe through the Wildaid Organization. Other cherished items for Neville include a panda print pocket tee that helps with coral reef rehabilitation in Japan through the Reef Check Foundation and several printed tees that go towards helping organizations dealing with human trafficking.

Not only does Serengetee work with international organizations, they also help organizations in the United States. Some of their patterned pockets support rehabilitation for veterans, lymphoma, and leukemia foundations, research towards unknown and incurable diseases, and more. Every shirt Serengetee sells is unique in that each pocket is from a different section of the fabric used so that no two pockets are alike.

To find out more information about Serengetee, check out their website at www.serentegee.com. For updates and giveaways, follow Sarah Neville’s Instagram @s_e_nevs. To make a difference in the world and look good doing it, purchase an item from Serengetee and use the code Neville15 at the checkout for 15% off an order.

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