A “Reflection” on Band Rescue Dawn’s New Music Video

A little over a month ago, pop punk/alternative band Rescue Dawn from Buffalo, N.Y., released their first-ever concept music video for their original song, “Reflections.” The band originally formed in 2013, but mainly focused on uploading music audio or videos of live performances until this point.

Over the summer, I had the privilege of seeing the band perform this song live, and just hearing it, the feelings of the song’s composer comes through so deeply. It is a mixture of being lost and lonely. This concept is very much reflected in the music video, which begins with a man waking up alone in an old, abandoned greenhouse. The man takes in his surroundings, looking at things nostalgically, which reflect the lyrics, “I wish all the love and all my heart would bring you back to me.”

The song title can literally be translated in the music video as well. “Reflections” can be seen in windows. Many of the greenhouse windows are shattered, but the song has a negative connotation to reflections, so the shattered windows make that point.

As the video continues, the man shatters one of the few windows left, showing his and the song’s hidden anger. Meanwhile, the video bounces back and forth from the action, to the band performing in the same greenhouse at a different time.

The man eventually finds his way out of the greenhouse, into a beautiful wooded area which is perhaps used to symbolize the beauty of what was lost. This illustrates what the band had to say upon releasing the music video, via Facebook. “Losing a friend, relative, or even immediate family member is never easy. The suffering attempts to goes away but around the holidays that same feeling you may have felt the day they were taken from this beautiful earth, re-sparks and fills your head with memories both warm and nostalgic, as well cold and haunting. This [the song and music video] is what that feels like.”

As the video ends, it cuts back to the greenhouse, but it is now abandoned, without the main character and without the band in it. The door to the greenhouse swings closed, which can literally translate to the end of the song and video, but metaphorically? It is up to the viewer.

To find out more about the band Rescue Dawn, visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/rescuedawnny.

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