Chris D’Elia Performs at Charles Town Races

By Jenna Kauffman

Photo by Jenna Kauffman
Photo by Jenna Kauffman

On Friday, Oct. 21, comedian Chris D’Elia, known from NBC series “Undateable” and “Whitney,” performed at Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races in W.Va., as a part of his current comedy tour. The show brought some laughs as the comedian performed an hour long set, following an opening act that started at 9 p.m. Due to the fact that it was in a casino, the show had a 21-plus audience.

D’Elia started his set by comparing his appearance to that of a “tired eagle,” bringing in laughs at the blunt accuracy. He also did bits including how he found it odd how his one friend gave him a pair of pants and was able to guess his exact pant size, as well as how he despises going to birthday parties for friends his own age. He found it annoying, stating, “People should stop having birthday parties at ten.”

D’Elia’s act was a mix of had-to-be-there humor and a dark humor, which may not connect with all audiences. He talked about how fairytale love is a lie and how he does not believe marriages working with individuals under the age of 30, he himself having been married in his late 20’s and later divorced. D’Elia explained how he mainly got married because he thought he had to, and knew it was not working when he would “walk into every room and jump in surprise” when he saw his wife at the time was also in said room.

The comedian often laughed at random times, bringing ease to any awkward moments and getting people to laugh due to his laugh’s infectiousness. He concluded his show by talking about how he tried to remain badass as he talked to his friend’s daughter, trying to resist her cuteness before, ultimately, giving in like most grown adults.

While a bit on the shorter side, D’Elia’s show did not fail to bring laughs. Next up for the comedian is another Netflix special, following the success of his first special he released last year titled “Incorrigible.”

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