Jeff Dunham Introduces New Puppet at York Fair

By Jenna Kauffman

On Fri, Sept. 16, comedian and ventriloquist Jeff Dunham performed in front of the York Fair grandstands as part of his “Perfectly Unbalanced Tour.” Dunham has traveled across five continents and yet still managed to do a show in, as his dummy Walter said, “Yorkpa.”

During the show, Dunham brought out his other classic puppets along with Walter–“furry and manic” Peanut; “beer-swilling, NASCAR-loving and resolutely redneck” Bubba J; and the “bumbling skeletal” Achmed the Dead Terrorist.”

Jeff Dunham Introduces Irish Baby Seamus Photo by Jenna Kauffman

Jeff Dunham Introduces Irish Baby Seamus

Photo by Jenna Kauffman

Dunham also introduced a new test puppet—“Seamus, The Irish Baby”—which he jokingly mentioned was “the free part of the show.” Seamus was so new, in fact, that Dunham was still reading jokes from his phone and proclaimed that the York audience served as the first to see the new addition.

After performing his bit with Seamus, Dunham requested that the audience to ask the puppet any question they desired to possibly inspire Dunham to continue developing the character further. Interesting questions came up, such as what Seamus would like to do when he grows up and what he thinks of the other puppets. This was appropriately timed considering Walter’s voice arose from where he was hidden in the suitcase.

A number of jokes were also made about how Dunham’s wife recently gave birth to twin boys and how he would be in his 70s by the time his sons went to college. During the solo part of his act, Dunham also told stories about how he and his wife found out they were having twins as well as how he caused mischief at doctor’s appointments and in the delivery room.

Overall, Dunham performed roughly an hour and a half set filled with laughter. The show did not disappoint, and some members of the crowd even gave him a standing ovation.

Dunham plans to do more shows this fall. To purchase tickets or to watch more Dunham dynamics, go to

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