HiddleSwift Calls It Quits

Tom Hiddleston Photo provided by Wikipedia Commons

Tom Hiddleston

Photo provided by Wikipedia Commons

In May, rumors spread that the pop singer, Taylor Swift, and actor, Tom Hiddleston, were romantically involved. At the Met Gala, Hiddleston was seen sitting at the same table talking to Swift. Though Swift had a boyfriend at the time, Calvin Harris (who was not at the party with her), she did not let that stop her from having a good time. Someone recorded Swift and Hiddleston dancing the night away and posted it on YouTube.

However, due to the fact that Swift was dating Harris at the time, any rumors about Hiddleston and Swift getting together disappeared. On June 1, reports of Swift and Harris circulated through the news: the two of them had broken up. Shortly after this, reports of Swift and Hiddleston flirting began surfacing. Photos published by The Sun show Hiddleston and Swift sitting together cuddling, kissing, and flirting on the rocks at the beach of her Rhode Island Mansion.

Taylor Swift Photo provided by Wikipedia Commons

Taylor Swift

Photo provided by Wikipedia Commons

Over time, the budding romance seemed to flourish as the two spent time together in between Hiddleston’s acting role in the Thor movies as Loki, the Norse god of mischief. According to People Magazine, after his one filming sessions in Australia, Swift sent her plane to pick him up. It all seemed like a good time as the two met the each others families, traveled around the world, and dined at restaurants for dates.

The couple became official mid-July. Rumors spread that Swift was using Hiddleston to get on the media’s good side after her fallout with Kim Kardashian. Another rumor insinuated that Hiddleston was using Swift to get a new movie role.

Hiddleston quickly put those to rest as he told The Hollywood Reporter, “The truth is that Taylor Swift and I are together, and we’re very happy. Thanks for asking. That’s the truth.  It’s not a publicity stunt.”

As time went on, Hiddleston concentrated more on his acting career and Swift concentrated on her own career. The two spent less and less time together due to their conflicting schedules. As Hiddleston wanted their relationship to go more public, Swift disagreed and felt uncomfortable with a more public relationship. On September 6 the split was officially announced. The two were together for a total of three months. So far there is no official word from Hiddleston or Swift.

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