Suicide Squad Review: Making a Mark on Comic Book Fans

Photo provided by Pixabay

Photo provided by Pixabay


I would give Suicide Squad an 8.5/10. I loved the movie overall and I would go to see it again in a heartbeat.

To start, I want to make note that one of the reasons I saw this movie is because I am a Harley Quinn fan. And I was not disappointed with this Harley. She was the perfect amount of crazy that I come to expect from the Joker’s girl. Yes, her outfit is not what people expected. Compared to her cartoon character’s outfit, this one is more revealing and wild.

I also want to say that the people anticipating the showing of the famous Joker will be slightly disappointed. People fail to realize that this is not a Joker movie. He has maybe ten minutes of screen time, which on some level was okay with me. The only issue I had with this Joker is that he was not insane as I believe the Joker should be, but maybe that is because he was cast as a minor character and did not have time to develop the craziness.

Most of the characters such as Deadshot and El Diablo have their own backstory to show their skills and why they ended up in jail. Others do not and are simply noted in the beginning when the government goes to recruit them. This band of misfits and criminals have their own specific set of skills that come together to save the world against the villain, Enchantress.

There were some points in the movie that I thought were not necessary or could have been shortened that caused me to be bored. The one point I thought was dry was towards the end when the “heroes” gave up hope on saving the world, go into a nearby bar, and talk. It did give a little insight into things, but it was dragged out too long. I love a good action movie and an action movie should have plenty of fights, something happening at all times, etc.

Overall, I would recommend this movie, but everyone has a different opinion on what is good. Something wonderful to me may not be to others, but I encourage you to give this movie a chance, especially if you are into DC comics or you are a villain fanatic.

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