Senior Wills

Karalee Nichols

I, Karalee Nichols, do hereby bequeath the following:

To all of the Wilson Community, I leave my joy and determination to always push forward no matter the circumstances.

What I’ve learned from Wilson that’s not in a textbook is to never ever procrastinate! Much love!

Morgan Wonders

I, Morgan Wonders, do hereby bequeath the following:

To my littles, Miranda and Kallie, I leave my love and passion for sports.

To Megan and Molly, I leave my strong work ethic to get you through your senior year.

To Kayla and Tiff, I leave my good taste in music since yours is so bad.

Lindsay Sutton

I, Lindsey Sutton, do hereby bequeath the following:

To Ghada, I leave my futon and fridge (mostly because you already have them) and also all my love, peace, and luck for your future. You have been the best friend and companion I could have ever asked for and if I could give you unending happiness I would.

To the rest of the Disert Crew, I leave my ability to turn anything into a sarcastic comment. May you all use it whenever you feel it is appropriate (or inappropriate, it’s usually more fun then). Also, peace and prosperity in your future.

To Deb, I leave my first born kitten (whenever I get one) should I no longer be around to care for it. Not many people understand me as well as you do, so I can trust you to raise the kitten properly.

To ALL of my Littles (and children), I leave my ability to craft a relaxed schedule, and to find a way to take naps at least three times a week. May you all find a bright future and happiness.

To Hong and Anna, I leave my early bedtimes (looking at you Hong) and will to keep going (Anna you may find you really need this next year). You both have been wonderful roommates, and I love you guys.

To Bob and Professor Lindsey, I leave my future larger paintings you’ve always wanted.

To Amadea, I leave my spare restful moments so you may enjoy some peace and quiet from time to time.

To anyone I have forgotten (unintentionally), I leave my acceptance of the dining hall food, sometimes it’s nice to just appreciate we don’t have to get and make the food ourselves.

Christiana Bredbenner

I, Christiana Lynn Bredbenner, being of sound a mind as a college senior can be, do hereby bequeath the following:

To Erica Henry, my new and beautiful roommate and friend, I leave my beloved hamster, who I know will have a wonderful home with you. I also leave the perseverance and strength I’ve needed to get this far, knowing that you will use it to go amazing places!

To my awesome Buddy, Vanessa Lybarger, I leave a sense of curiosity for the world; I know this will get you far in life. You are an amazing friend, and your brightness will always shine!

To my Littles, Caroline Willson, Jess Miller, and Shannon McKenzie, I leave the passion I have for the Evens, in hopes that you will pass it on to your future Littles. Always remember, dinks worn inside out, brim to the right!

To my Orchesis teammates, past and present, I leave the passion I’ve discovered for dancing and performing over my four years at Wilson. You all have been the best teammates ever, and I truly don’t know what I would have done had I never discovered Orchesis. Thank you all!

To my first ever roommate and fellow graduate, Kelly Myers, I leave all the sisterly love I have. I am so glad we have stuck together all these years at Wilson, and I couldn’t ask for a better best friend. I love you!!!

And finally, to my beloved Disert Crew – you know who you are. I leave my everlasting loyalty and friendship to you all. You all were able to pull me out of my shell and show me what the best of friendship looks like, and I now know how it feels to have several beautiful sisters. Thank you all, my loves!

Katelyn Wingerd

I, Katelyn Wingerd, hereby bestow the following to members of the Wilson College community:

To Karis Daniel, I entrust my three water guns and refill packs that were given to me by my Big, your Grand-Big. Use these wisely, be stealthy, and have fun! Enjoy.

To Jenna Kauffman, I leave excitement and passion for your work with Habitat for Humanity and Alternative Spring Break. As always, GO TEAM!

To The Wilson College Softball Team, I leave energy and heart for this game that we all love so much. One beat, one team.

To Curran Scholars, I say congratulations and thank you for all that you do in the community. You are making a difference!

To any student considering study abroad, I say GO FOR IT! Have the time of your life, try new things, and enjoy every second.

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