Living in the Moment and Loving Every Minute

The original intent of this editorial was to focus on how a fan at a recent The Story So Far show was kicked off stage after staying there a bit too long. The Story So Far is a band in the pop punk/alternative genre. It was a case of he-said, she-said, where the singer justified it by stating that the fan had stayed up there a bit too long when she wasn’t allowed. The fan thought it was because she was too busy trying to Snapchat the experience. Whoever you agree with, there are two sides to every argument.

I would like to expand on this topic with another topic of discussion: late 90s, early 00s pop bands. Just last week, the pop band Dream announced that they will be playing at this year’s Mixtape Festival in Hershey. Guess who desperately wants to go? *Insert hand-raising emoji* I also enjoy the fact that the Mixtape Festival is living up to its name and having acts that literally used to be listened to on mixtapes, but that is going into another discussion entirely.

But here is the point: I miss the days when concerts were live-for-the-moment experiences. No one bothered with recording and instead just experienced the music; in fact, it used to be illegal to record. I think it technically still is, but people get away with it due to the convenience of cell phones!

Anyway, before I had an iPhone or iPod I did not worry about recording. When I saw Hilary Duff back in ’03 and Jesse McCartney in ’05, I did not worry about posting on Instagram. Now, I do, but I know for a fact if I ever got an on-stage experience, I would never go that far and worry about recording. That aspect is sort of stupid to me (no offense if you have ever done it). But c’mon, someone else is bound to record it, and this should be an exception to the permanent press-record button mentality.

There is a high demand for immediate media updates, this is not to put a knack on taking videos or pictures while at a show. However, it is for when those once in a lifetime experiences occur.

Let’s face it, the day that S Club 7 goes on a reunion tour, I am definitely getting that on video to later reflect on and brag about, because I mean, c’mon! That is definitely something that needs to be captured.


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