Zenyatta Loses Newborn Foal

Renowned racehorse Zenyatta lost her three-day old colt the morning of April 13, 2016. The unnamed foal by the stallion War Front passed away due to problems with meconium aspiration after being admitted to the Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital in Lexington, Kentucky. The news was first announced via Zenyatta.com.

The meconium, a foal’s first manure after birth, can cause respiration irritation if inhaled. Zenyatta and her foal were kept under careful surveillance when he was born covered with meconium. Complications of the respiratory syndrome associated with it claimed the foal shortly after.

The owners and fans of Zenyatta were devastated after the event. Previously in 2014, Zenyatta lost another foal, this one 6 months old, after injuries it sustained in a pasture incident. The legendary, retired race horse has two living offspring, Cozmic One and Ziconic, both of whom are in race training.

In her racing career, Zenyatta won 19 races consecutively while only losing one. She was also the first filly to win the prestigious Breeder’s Cup race.

Zenyatta’s owners, Ann and Jerry Moss, announced that she is still in good health. She has returned to pasture with Vixana, a 12 year old mare also owned by the Moss’ at Lanes End Farm in Versailles, Kentucky.

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