New Quad, Same Old Construction

By Travis Horton

As the construction of the library ended, many were ready to see the gates gone and have easier access to the academic buildings. However, another project has been implemented that continues the use of the gates and interrupts the daily flow of pedestrian traffic in the middle of campus.

This new project’s goal is to create another quad space that will be utilized similarly to the green. This new space will be useful and enrich the campus when it is completed. However, it is currently an obstacle that makes navigation more difficult and limits the already few parking locations near academic buildings.

Primarily, it makes the trek from either side of campus more difficult by forcing people to walk around Warfield or the library in order to get to Lortz Hall or the Science Center. Although this seems like an insignificant problem, it is time consuming and problematic for students carrying their school work and running on a tight schedule. Not to mention, spring brings inconsistent weather such as rain and colder temperatures that make this walk even more miserable. In addition, this project has taken away token parking spots that commuters and professors appreciated.

Photo by Travis Horton

Photo by Travis Horton

The construction is simply an eye sore that unfortunately protrudes from the middle of campus.

In my opinion, the new quad area is a great idea. However, despite the completion of the library and the new sidewalks, it seems that there is constantly construction. The new quad area could have been started in the summer when there is little traffic and fewer classes are in session.

For now, they anticipate the quad to be completed by graduation.


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