Cassadee Pope: An Up and Coming Artist Who Deserves Respect

Chris Young and Cassadee Pope Photo by Jenna Kauffman

Chris Young and Cassadee Pope

Photo by Jenna Kauffman

On Fri, Feb. 26, Cassadee Pope and Chris Young made a stop at Lyric Opera House in Baltimore, Md. as part of Chris Young’s “I’m Comin’ Over” Tour. The pairing could not be more perfect considering the two just released “Think of You” at the beginning of this year as a single off of Young’s latest album.

While the show was more about Young, his opening act Cassadee Pope was enjoyable to watch. Pope is still considered new to the country scene, although her first album was released in Fall 2013. She has released a few singles from that first album, “Frame by Frame,” such as “Wasting All These Tears” and “I Wish I Could Break Your Heart.” In fact, these are probably her two most known songs.

Since that album, Pope has released a few songs, one officially declared a single entitled “I Am Invincible.” However, while Pope has hinted at a new album in the works, an official release date has yet to be announced, even though Pope has released that song as a single and has been playing new songs that are possibly on new said album.

So what’s the deal? Pope has been doing all of these shows, promoting her past album and possible new one, but has yet to release a name or roundabout date for the new album. At the show, the merch was limited for her, as it often is for opening acts, but here’s the thing: none of it was new. It was literally the same merch that was being sold for her two years ago after her first album release.

Pope and Young did an amazing job with the show, but it was not unnoticed how people seemed to disregard Pope during her performance. While this is quite normal for opening acts, it is a shame considering the girl is doing everything she is able to do to get her name out there. She tried going solo without a record label, but when that did not work out, she competed on “The Voice” for a better chance of getting her name out there. However, she is still struggling.

This is not an uncommon thing for female country singers. In fact, it has been fairly common recently unless the last name is Underwood or Lambert.

Pope and other female country singers deserve more recognition than they are getting. Something definitely needs to change with what is happening. Pope literally bared her soul just to have people walking in and out during her set. She took the time to meet with an estimated 300 people during intermission, with half of those people probably just getting a picture with her because of her fame.

While this is not so much of a review, it is definitely pointing out one thing: where is the respect for female country singers?


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