Taking Footsteps to Wellness: Created to Help you Cope

footstepsarticleFootsteps is a new club on campus that plans to help people with their troubles. What exactly is Footsteps though?

“Its main purpose is to help people who have the same emotional problems where everyone can get together and help each other,” Molly McElroy ’17, one of the founders of the club, stated. Cindy Shoemaker, Director of Counseling, also helped put the club together.

McElroy has dealt with an eating disorder in the past and she has gone to high schools, Girl Scout troops, youth ministries and women’s conferences telling her story and spreading awareness. She does not want anyone to go through what she went through.

The club is to help students talk about their personal experiences with different disorders they have suffered from, such as eating disorders and anxiety disorders.

McElroy mentioned that talking to people who are around the same age with the issues helps a lot since some people would feel more comfortable communicating with those they can easily relate to. McElroy runs the “Beautiful Me” campaign and Footsteps is a way to get involved.

“Beautiful Me” started in 2012, and is a campaign to inform people about eating disorders and negative body image. It is about finding the beauty within yourself and discovering ones greatest self and understanding that everyone is beautiful in their own way.

She states that the goal for the semester is to help people cope with their problem so they can help themselves and help others.

The club is a good way to help students alike to cope with the things they are going through. The club would love new members, so if you have any questions please contact Molly McElroy at molly.mcelroy@wilson.edu.

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