Marianas Trench Brings Back the ’80s in 2016

Photo by Jenna Kauffman

Photo by Jenna Kauffman

On Thursday, Feb. 4, Marianas Trench brought the ‘80s back at The Fillmore in Silver Spring, MD. The band just wrapped up their “Hey You Guys!!” Tour on Feb. 14, with Silver Spring being one of the stops.

The band Mainland from New York City opened for Marianas Trench, providing a prelude to the ‘80s-esque night, with music very reminiscent of what one would expect to hear off “The Breakfast Club” soundtrack. The band had very chill vibes, and was a perfect fit as opener for Marianas Trench who soon after took the stage.

Marianas Trench put on a set that was anything but off-key. Two-hundred plus people gathered to see the band from Vancouver, BC. Playing songs from their albums “Masterpiece Theatre,” “Ever After,” and their latest album, “Astoria,” the band was able to appeal to newer and older fans alike.

Each of the band’s albums seem to have a certain concept to them. Their latest, “Astoria,” has an ‘80s theme and feel. So much so that one song, “Who Do You Love,” almost sounds like it could be a Toto song. Not to mention, the title of the album comes from the famous Astoria, Oregon, the location where any ‘80s movies fans can easily recall “The Goonies” taking place. In the title track, singer Josh Ramsay also specifically sings “what happens to never say die?” It doesn’t get more direct than that.

As the band made their way on stage, they made the time-travel theme known by their outfits: Ramsay and Matt Webb, guitarist, rocking fishnet and lace gloves, and Ramsay wearing heavy eye-makeup and a fishnet shirt.

As the concert continued, the band impressed with group vocals numerous times (not really typical of a pop rock band unless it’s a boy band, so this was quite unique), as well as managed to keep the crowd riled up with jokes between songs (very reminiscent of the band All Time Low).

At one point, at least thirty hearts were held up by fans during their song “While We’re Young,” with the lyrics “I wanna hear how your heart speaks.” Most of the members reactions were unreadable, and it took a moment for singer Ramsay to notice the hearts as he had his eyes closed as he began to sing. Finally, after thirty-seconds of anticipation, he opened his eyes and noticed all of the hearts. He put his hands up in a heart symbol himself as he continued singing, and once the song ended, the band thanked the crowd for their love and support.

While I tease my sister quite constantly about this band, admittedly, they put on an amazing show. Bands like this deserve a lot more recognition than they get, and even when they do get it, they still manage to stay truly humble (proof being, how they took the time to meet with fans after the show). If this is the future of music, we have something to look forward to.

The band is set to begin their Canadian “Never Say Die” Tour on March 9. To find out more about the band and for future tour dates, go to


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