Wilson Students React to Paris Attacks

On Nov.13, members of ISIS instigated an attack in Paris. Many people were shocked by the terror. They prayed for Paris through social media. On Wilson College campus, there was a chapel service focusing on praying for peace. Wilson students also prayed for Paris.

“It was a serious attack. As soon as the incident happened, most of the leaders and concerned community of the world expressed their heartfelt condolences to the dead people and they were extremely concerned about it. This is the good part to know that such attack is inhumane to the global. This incident gets really popularize through news and especially through social media like Facebook, Twitter and so on. It was like a trend in Facebook to change their profile picture having background of French flag. I really appreciate these activities because we get to know that people were at least concern about the attack,” Bhiemsen Bhattarai ‘19 said.

Another student, Asim Riaz ‘19, expressed his thoughts. “The Paris attack was really horrible and ISIS is inhumane. Terrorists who committed the attack do not have any religion. It was not a religious act. After the attack, many people are scared of their own country. Terrorists may attack again and again. They should stop attacking people and the world. In the Holy Book of Muslim, these are written on: “If you hurt one person or kill one person, you kill the whole community.” According to the news, ISIS is the cause of these attacks. Muslims are not related to them.”

Kyleen Wolfe ’19 has many French friends, so she was shocked by the terror and said, “The Paris attack was really random and unexpected. What happened made me very shocked and I don’t know what to say to anybody. It was really bad. However, I do not change my thoughts about Muslims because I have a lot of Muslim friends. They are not linked to the terrorists. Also, people should not judge people based on one group of people’s actions. It’s like the same as a lot of different religions and people can’t just group people by one part of extremists’ actions. These days, ISIS is threatening the world and America. They announced that they will attack Washington D.C, so I am really scared of it now.”

The Paris attack impacted the whole world and many people paid attention to the attack. After the attack, some people felt anger toward Muslims. However, people should know that it is not related to Muslims, but extremist terrorists.


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