Farewell Sarah Bay: Fulton Farm Says Goodbye

Photo provided by Wilson College

Photo provided by Wilson College

After a strong four years of working at the Fulton Farm, Sarah Bay is moving on. Bay was drawn to the Fulton Farm because of its location, diversity, and its hands-on educational opportunities. She, along with the help of interns, has changed the overall perspective that Wilson and the community have on agriculture here on campus. Despite the word of her soon departure, the positive results of her hard work will be forever prominent throughout the community. “I will miss all the terrific people that I have worked alongside with in various capacities,” Bay stated after being asked if there was anything she would miss concerning her transition from here.

Not only did Fulton Farm participate in the North Square Farmers Market, but they helped increase the produce sales and produce availability to the college dining hall. Fulton Farm is unique in the fact that Wilson students get to taste the benefits of the Farm through the meals provided on campus.

“I wish I had more time to become even more a part of the campus community, and also to do more collaborative thinking and discussion with members on campus, especially building stronger bridges between the farm and campus.”

Bay reminisced when asked about her overall experience at Wilson. She stated, “I really enjoyed the unique opportunities I was able to take part in when I had the time like speaking in classes, listening to lectures, and participating in projects like the stick work sculpture.”

The farm has grown stronger since you have been here. Thanks, Sarah, for all you have done for our Wilson family. You will truly be missed.


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