Black Friday: A Shopper’s Dream, A Retailer’s Nightmare

How serious are you about getting the best deal?’ ‘Do I really need this in a different color?’ ‘Did she really just cut me in line?’ These are some of the mind boggling questions debated by many shoppers come Black-Friday weekend. From contemplating what store visit, to figuring out what deal is best, Black Friday has truly become the day to shop in America.

What comes as a surprise to some is that Black Friday seems to start earlier and earlier each year. It was reported this year that Black Friday sales started as early as Thanksgiving evening. One question that many shoppers are asking themselves, and is essentially saving a lot of hassle in store fronts, is “Can I possibly purchase and receive a better deal online?” With retailers offering the same promotions online, often before items became available in stores, more people shopped from the comfort of their homes this year according to a National Retail Federation survey. With more people choosing to shop online, it made for calmer stores and thinner crowds at malls with overall sales still rising.

“I’m just out here to spend some time with my family, we already did our shopping,” noted a Target shopper.

In spite of Black Friday being a shopper’s ideal day for bargains, it is still an avenue for families to venture out and enjoy one another and get a bargain while doing so. So next Thanksgiving, as Black Friday starts to roll around, remember: shopping online is something to consider, as well as enjoying and spending the time out and about with people you love.


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