Where’s Sarah?

Something is happening on this campus. Have you noticed? From Mac/Dav residents being relocated, students who always seeming to be sick, to this undercurrent of something negative going on, everywhere you go students are overwhelmed, stressed, and coughing. What could be the cause of this? Why is it that so many students are struggling?

To answer these questions we must first answer one. Where’s Sarah? Sarah Wilson, the painting that typically resides above the dining hall fireplace watching over all the students as they eat and laugh. To all the freshmen who may be slightly confused, Sarah Wilson is the benefactor who donated enough to make Wilson College a reality.

Sarah Wilson’s portrait has a reputation on this campus of causing mischief. Upperclassmen, staff, and faculty have numerous stories of Sarah’s escapades. Typically these begin with either the covering or removing Sarah’s portrait for special occasions. This results in destroyed wedding cakes, fallen trees, and collapsed tables. Word has gotten out that Sarah has been removed for good. Is it Sarah’s removal from the dining the cause of such strange events on Wilson’s campus?

With a campus as rich in the supernatural as Wilson, it is a common activity to go ghost hunting in the middle of the night. Stories of ghosts walking the halls and causing mischief are normally heard in the dining hall. It comes as no surprise that Sarah could truly be affecting the campus out of anger at her missing portrait.

Is it Sarah aiding the mold growth? Is it her causing the illness around campus? Is she causing the tension on campus? Students know that Sarah is happiest when she watches the students and sees life bustling on campus.

Now that she’s gone I cannot imagine she is happy where she is. Will Sarah continue her rampage at the students by causing more mischief? What is next on this campus?

 UPDATE: We found Sarah in the new library!

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