Family Weekend Introduces Parents to Campus

Oct. 23 and 24 was Family Weekend where students and families participated in numersous events such as the rededication of the library, Patrick Dougherty and his Stick Work project, and two soccer games. Students showed their families around campus all weekend and spent time together. Some parents even went with students to class on Fri. Oct. 22.

On Fri., Gwen Deshong, the grandmother of Dana Kessler ’19, commented on some of the activities.

“It was very good. We really liked the food, and thought the campus looked good, and we loved the inside of the library,” Deshong stated.

On Sat., when asked the same question, Stacie Lejcar, the aunt of Kyleen Wolfe ’19, stated, “It was fun. We walked around campus, and participated in the Human loan project. We also enjoyed having lunch together.”

Patrick Dougherty’s sculpture was an interest to visitors. “It’s really great. And Halloween-like,” Lejcer commented.

All and all it was a very fun and eventful weekend for the students and their families to enjoy the weekend together.


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