Dougherty Completes Sculpture Project on Green

Photo by Taylor Sanford

Photo by Taylor Sanford

The Stick Works project on the campus green has come to an end. Patrick Dougherty finally finished the sculpture on Oct. 23, as promised. The sculpture is in front of the John Stewart Memorial Library. This all happened thanks to the volunteers as well as Dougherty.

The sculpture itself looks like large towers and complements the library. It is also an interactive piece. Most can walk inside of it and into the tower parts of the design.

According to Dougherty, the sculpture should last for about two years, and it does seem sturdy enough to do so.

In a short interview with Philip Lindsey, Chair of the Fine Arts Department, a question asked was, why did the school choose to display this artist’s work?

His response was, “The president, Barbara K. Mistick, [has] seen his work plenty of times and she was very interested in it, and she recognized the connection to the liberal arts and what he does. She also recognized the significance of community, and that bringing Patrick to our school would do great for our community and bring us together.”

This sculpture could not have been done with the work of just one person though, thanks to the help of all the volunteers it was able to happen. Hopefully the sculpture will last longer than what is said. To see more of Patrick Dougherty’s work, visit his website,


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