Kind of Like Walking on a Tightrope

I am not sure about everyone else on this campus but I feel like going to class these days is a hazard.

Between the library construction along with the art project on the green, I feel like I need to arrive on campus 20 minutes early just to be able to get to class on time. There have also been the ‘parking woes,’ but oddly enough they have not been as bothersome as the walking hazards.

Walking from Lenfest to Warfield is becoming more and more of a hassle. With the art project added to the green, we have yet something else to walk around. Not to mention that this past week it was decided to uproot the bricks on the memorial path making yet another impossible walkway. Now, if teleportation or flying

Photo by Naeun Noh

Photo by Naeun Noh

were possible this wouldn’t be as much of a dilemma. But seriously, there’s only so much to take away before there are no pathways at all.

It has also gotten confusing on where students are and are not allowed to walk. Cones are often set up haphazardly, and while the fences are more conclusive, there was a time I was unsure of where to walk. The pathways seem to change daily, so it does not even give students a new walking trail to memorize.

Then there’s the fact that some of these construction projects are moving inside, such as the work going on outside of the student center down the one hallway just off lower Lenfest, cutting off yet another route without prior notification.

And then there’s the parking, which has been an on-going issue since the library construction has started. However, even that is not as big of an issue as the walking areas as of late.

The main thing here is that there needs to be better clarification on where we can and cannot walk. Also, perhaps this will be a learning lesson for the college campus: that multiple building projects should not all be happening at once, especially when it is in close vicinity.

At this point, the campus needs its own personal Gandolf with a “You shall not pass!” sign.

Jenna Kauffman


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