Mold Resurfaces in Dorms

Mold on Student Desk Photo provided by Wilson Student
Mold on Student Desk
Photo provided by Emily Larson

On Sept. 11, 2015 at 4 p.m. Sherri Sadowski, the Director of Residential Life, met with residents of MacElwain and Davidson Halls to begin relocation of the community to Rosenkrans. The concern: mold.

Air sampling tests conducted in rooms by Baxter Group on Monday into Wednesday showed mold above the accepted levels in 3 rooms with an additional 13 coming close to the threshold which did include rooms where students had already reported visible mold growth.

Mold on Student Bed Photo provided by Wilson Student
Mold on Student Bed
Photo provided by Mac/Dav resident

Currently, there are not enough beds in Rosenkrans to accommodate the total number of students and so the move will come in two stages. The 35 students in rooms with the highest level of mold will be moved this weekend while the remaining students will be asked to move next weekend after new beds are ordered. Current roommate and community configurations are to be honored with room rates being adjusted accordingly.

Residents of the Mac/Dav dorms are being asked to wash all clothing and bedding as well as disinfect all hard surface items before moving. Transportation for the move is being provided for both Phase 1 and Phase 2 students. Phase 2 students who report visible mold or are uncomfortable waiting until next weekend will be given the opportunity to move sooner, circumstances allowing.

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