Fifth Annual Student Research Day

Student panel for the Belize trip Photo provided by the Wilson Facebook page

Student panel for the Belize trip

Photo provided by the Wilson Facebook page

On Friday, May 1, graduating underclassmen and graduate students presented their senior research projects. Topics discussed included art, historical construction, scientific studies.

Stephanie Laurent ‘15, Leah Edwards ‘15, and Jessika Dockery ‘15  began the day by presenting their artwork, Edwards made logos for organizations using computer design while Laurent and Dockery presented their hand-painted artwork.

Master’s students Jonathan Clark, Jane Yoder, Kimberly Maske-Mertz, and Jamie McCauley presented their thesises in the next session. Maske-Mertz and McCauley focused on looking at females in two different  yet similar contexts. Both female heroines, one in more present-day novella (Maske-Mertz) while the other examined older children’s literature (McCauley). Clark looked at homosexuality in E.M. Forster’s work, while Yoder looked into David Foster Wallace’s work.

Marissa Kosko-Byler  researched students’ motivations for education. CristinaTrevino’s research involved college stress and how therapy dogs may be beneficial to students.

Alexis Foor presented her research outside on the green, next to the frame structure she built, using historical methods. Professor Chris Mayer and students from BIO 270 Tropical Ecology in Belize, presented a video with images and facts from their trip to Belize. The students and professor held a group Question and Answer after the session.

Allison Shastay ‘15 researched how Vitamin E can affect colorectal cancer. Martina Mellott’s ’15 milk replacements for calves. Jessica Meck ‘15 studied fungi  affecting bats in the eastern part of the United States and a section of Canada. Mangkalaphiban studied the efficiency of Zingerone and Curcumin on helping heal inflammation of the skin.

Student research day was a success  and displayed the students’ knowledge, creativity, and effort.

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