Popular Band Against the Current Rocks Wilson

Photo Courtesy of Against the Current

Photo Courtesy of Against the Current

On Monday, March 30, the band Against the Current will perform a concert at Wilson, and they have everyone talking about their amazing sound.

Against The Current formed in 2011 in Poughkeepsie, New York and started their YouTube page the same year. Since then, they have posted original songs as well as covers. They have racked up over 840,000 subscribers and well over 60 million video views–an impressive feat for a small band.

The band has three members: Chrissy Costanza on vocals, Dan Gow on guitar/vocals and Will Ferri on drums. On their Facebook page, they technically define themselves as a pop rock band, but it could be argued that they are a bit alternative, having a sound similar to the band Flyleaf. Though it may seem cliché to mention, they also have a sound reminiscent to the bands Paramore and We Are The In-Crowd—as both bands also feature female lead singers.

Coincidently, Ferri’s brother, Mike Ferri, is the bassist for We Are The In-Crowd, and also serves as Against The Current’s analog manager.

Recently, the band released their latest EP, “Gravity,” a follow up to their first EP, “Infinity.”

Their first single off the new EP, title song “Gravity,” has garnered over three million views on YouTube.  The beginning beats draw you in, soon followed by Costanza’s sweet voice, which has a delicate feel until hitting the chorus, where her voice pitches into higher octave, while the band keeps the music strong in the background.

This style keeps a similar sound with the single from “Infinity:” “Another You (Another Way).” However, in comparison to their single “Closer, Faster” from “Infinity,” Against the Current’s new sound has gone a bit edgier.

Whether you like pop rock music or not, give them a try. Upon first listen, you may find yourself impressed with Costanza’s voice. It may seem unreal that a voice like that is still trying to make it big. Ferri comes in with those timed beats on drums, and combined with Gow on guitar, this band proves a masterpiece. And to think, as you read this article, they still have yet to be officially signed.

Against the Current is currently on the Glamour Kills Spring Break Tour with fellow pop rock band Set It Off. They are making a stop at Wilson nearing the end of the tour thanks to our very own Campus Activities Board setting up the event.

You won’t want to miss this performance. Be sure to check out their two EPs so you can sing along when they visit later this month.


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