Two New Additions to the Admissions Staff

Left: Kaitlyn Keefer and Michael Eaton Photo provided by
Left: Kaitlyn Keefer and Michael Eaton
Photo provided by

Kaitlyn Keefer and Michael Eaton are the newest additions to the admissions staff.

Keefer is a native to Wilson who has been working here since Dec. 1, after graduating from Wilson this past May, while Eaton is from Vermont and started in July.

“They add a lot of energy to the office and have a great way of communicating the programs we have here at Wilson to prospective students and their families,” Patty Beidel, Director of Undergraduate Admissions, said.

Keefer works with incoming students from four counties in Pennsylvania: Bucks, Chester, Delaware and Montgomery, along with 45 other states in the U.S. Eaton works with students from four states while also helping international students with the admissions process.

“I had a couple of things I was looking at in the area, but I immediately fell in love with Wilson and knew this is where I wanted to be,” Eaton said, when asked about other job opportunities.

Keefer had three other opportunities, but ultimately chose Wilson. “I like that Wilson is a small community. It feels like home,” Keefer later said, when asked what her favorite part of the Wilson community is.

They both had different reasons for wanting to be a part of the Wilson staff and community.

“I graduated from Wilson this past May, and I was a Work Study student for Financial Aid. I always had it in the back of my mind that I’d want to work at Wilson College. I can have a conversation with pretty much anyone, so the admissions department was a good fit for me,” Keefer stated, while Eaton’s decision for working here was slightly different.

“I decided to join Wilson because of its uniqueness, beautiful campus and the great people I met right from the beginning. Having been born and raised in Vermont, the Chambersburg area and Wilson in particular seemed like a home away from home – except with more stuff to do. Admissions, specifically, wasn’t something I planned on doing after I graduated, but I had worked as a student tour guide at my college so it seemed like a natural fit,” Eaton said. He is also appreciative of the fact that “everyone at Wilson is so open and accepting.”

Both Keefer and Eaton said that their favorite part about their jobs is meeting with the prospective students. With the wide range of students they reach, they are able to talk to many possible students.

To any other student out there who wishes to go into a similar career, Keefer said, “If you’re a people person, then working in Admissions is the right career for you.”

Meanwhile, Eaton mentioned, “Whether or not admissions is a field you’re interested in long term, it really is the best post-college job you could have. There are so many different skills that you develop in this field and I can definitely say that I really enjoy my job.”

Please join in welcoming them both to the Wilson College staff! For any questions for either new admissions staff member, contact Keefer at or Eaton at


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