Wilson Initiates Tuition Freeze

Wilson welcomed this year’s incoming freshmen with a tuition reduction, meaning that they are only responsible for covering $23,745, which is $5,000 less than previous traditional undergraduate students.  According to the Wilson College website, this tuition reduction will remain intact for next year’s freshman class of 2015.

This tuition freeze stems from the Wilson Finance Committee’s goal of wanting affordability and value for students.  With this freeze, more students will be able to enroll in Wilson College.

As for how long this tuition freeze is expected to last, Brian Ecker, Vice President for Finance and Administration states, “We would like to try to maintain the tuition at the level it’s at, but we can’t make any promises from year to year.  The board of trustees needs to approve these changes every year.  We’ll try to keep the tuition at the current rate as long as we can.”

This freeze is a part of the Wilson Today Plan, a set of initiatives launched to keep the college successful in the future.  The entire Wilson community is part of financial changes such as the tuition freeze. The final decision is delivered by the finance committee and then taken to the Board of Trustees for approval.

Tuition changes are often considered at many colleges.

“I believe the process at other colleges is similar where they would have a structure and finance committee where they look at tuition increases and so forth.  The colleges I’m familiar with do have annual changes to their tuition rates.  But I think Wilson is unique in freezing tuition; a lot of colleges increase tuition annually,” Ecker says.

Incoming freshmen and sophomores next year will have to pay an additional $224 due to an increase in technology and board fees, despite the tuition freeze.  This change will not affect current traditional juniors and seniors, but their tuition will stay at $28,745.

“Our plan is to focus on affordability and value. That’s the commitment we’re trying to make,” Ecker concludes.

For more information on the tuition freeze, go to the Wilson College website or contact Brian Ecker at brian.ecker@wilson.edu.

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