On Her Summer Bucket List

Brettney Marshall is the daughter of WWC student Stephanie Marshall and the Billboard's youth correspondent.
Brettney Marshall is the daughter of WWC student Stephanie Marshall and the Billboard’s youth correspondent.

It’s nearing the end of the school year and I’m making a summer bucket list. Here’s what I want to do for the summer:

1.            Get lots of exercise. It’s easier to be active in the summer when I’m not as busy. There’s plenty of jogging room in front of Prentis Hall and we spend lots of time outdoors in summer, so why let that time go to waste?

2.            Swim. I love to swim and Mommy doesn’t call me her little mermaid for nothing! We know a great swimming place in the creek. We also like to go to the pool at Caledonia State Park. Swimming is a great way to cool off on hot days.

3.            Throw a fairy party. I’m going to plan this party myself. I know plenty of games to play and everyone will dress up for it. Who doesn’t love a party?!

4.            Go home to New Hampshire for a visit. We’re going to visit our grandparents this summer. They run a mountain bike race series, so we might go to a race.

5.            Go to Washington D.C. We’ve been there a couple of times, but we didn’t get to visit some places because we ran out of time. Maybe we’ll get to the zoo this time.

6.            Go to Hershey Park. Last time we went it was very cool and chocolaty! You get to see how the chocolate is made at Chocolate World and they give you free samples.

7.            See friends. We’ll be on campus most of the summer. Since our friends will be out of school, we’ll play with them and find new things to do.

I think that’s it for now, but I know I’ll be adding more. What about you? Do you have a summer bucket list? If not, I hope I’ve given you some ideas to make sure you enjoy your summer!

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