Brettney Briefly: On Fun Business

Brettney Marshall is the daughter of WWC student Stephanie Marshall and the Billboard's youth correspondent.
Brettney Marshall is the daughter of WWC student Stephanie Marshall and the Billboard’s youth correspondent.

My mom calls me her little entrepreneur. Would you like to know why? It’s because I have so many ideas of how to take the things I love doing and make money with them! I like making money to save for vacations and trips. I also want to adopt endangered animals through the World Wildlife Foundation to help save them.

I have had many ideas of businesses I would like to start, but the first one that I have done is my mother’s helper business. I like playing with other kids and thought that I could use that to make money. I started my mother’s helper business by putting a notice up on the bulletin board outside our kitchen. I offered to keep peoples’ kids occupied for just $2.50 an hour. I had my first job soon after and made $5.00. So far I have only watched one child in our building, but she is really nice and sweet. We have a lot of fun when I watch her. The best part of this job is getting paid to have fun with children.

I have recently become addicted to finger knitting which gave me an idea for another amazing business! I am going to sell finger knit scarves, bracelets, and headbands. In night care, three of the children have already asked me for scarves. I still need to get the prices right for my “Finger Knitting Corner,” but the ones for the kids are on the house so I have been busy working on them.

I have many ideas that have to do with things I enjoy. Do you have fun things you like to do? Maybe you could somehow turn it into a business, too.

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