World Food Day Inspires Sense of Duty to the Hungry

Wilson College Students and Faculty Work with Project SHARE to Feed the Hungry
Wilson College Students and Faculty Work with Project SHARE to Feed the Hungry. Photo by Rosie Magee

Founder and Executive Director of Project SHARE Elaine Livas recently spoke at Wednesday Worship in the Alumnae Chapel in a service that celebrated World Food Day on Oct. 16 and urged attendees to help in the fight against hunger.

Project SHARE collects and distributes food to help feed hungry people all over the world. During the worship service, Livas urged audience members to become involved in Project SHARE and help feed the nearly 850 million people suffering from hunger and food insecurity worldwide.

Wilson College Chaplain Rosie Magee has brought students and faculty to volunteer at Project SHARE on a monthly basis for the past three years.

“Whatever situation we are in, we are called on to do what we can. Sometimes this means going out of our comfort zone and challenging ourselves,” said Magee.

Magee noted that Livas encouraged all participants at the worship service to share their blessing with the less fortunate.

“We are not to horde our blessing. We waste food. We are not mindful. We lose sight of the fact that we are so blessed. What are we going to do with that blessing?” said Magee.

Magee said even little things can help solve world hunger. She also mentioned that we must act consciously to help solve world hunger and other injustice in the world.

“The event reminds all of us that we are part of a global system. We are told to consume, consume, consume. We need to at least think about the corporations we support, how these corporations treat their workers, fair and unfair trading practices. We have the responsibility to be informed. We are complicit in unjust systems if we do not question our choices,” said Magee.

Katelyn Wingerd ‘16 said her involvement with World Food Day and Project SHARE helped her recognize how she relates to the local and global community.

“We are feeding brothers, sisters and family members. It is all about community. It is World Food Day,” Wingerd said.

Lily Rembold ‘17 mentioned that her involvement with Project SHARE and Wilson College’s World Food Day helped her realize the severity of hunger and food insecurity not just in third world countries but in her own community.

“It is such a rewarding experience,” said Rembold.

Wingerd agreed and encouraged others to become involved in Wilson’s efforts to feed the hungry and Project SHARE.

Magee urged students, faculty and staff to attend Wilson College’s monthly volunteer trips to Project SHARE.

Students, faculty and staff still have an opportunity to sign up for the November trip to Project SHARE.

To sign up or for more information about World Food Day, contact Rosie Magee at


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