Brettney Briefly: The Start of Something Good

Brettney Marshall is the daughter of WWC student Stephanie Marshall and the Billboard's youth correspondent.
Brettney Marshall is the daughter of WWC student Stephanie Marshall and the Billboard’s youth correspondent.

My name is Brettney Marshall and I just moved to Pennsylvania from New Hampshire. I’m nine years old and in the 4th grade. My mom’s a student at Wilson College even though she’s already smart enough. I have a little brother, Logan, who can be troublesome, but he’s alright. We’re part of the Women With Children program and live on campus. I like to read and am reading the Harry Potter series and Phantom of the Opera. I also enjoy playing Legos.

Moving to Pennsylvania was a bit hard at first. It was hard leaving everything and everyone I knew behind. Even though I was sad, I was a bit excited too. My new friends at Wilson College are great. I love to play with the other kids outside. Their moms and my mom love to chat while we play. I have some college student friends as well and one even let me ride her horse.

School’s going good as well. My new school is a lot bigger than my old school. Making friends was tough considering I’m not used to having to make new friends.  I was at my last school for six years with basically the same people. I did make a very good friend at school named Abigail, though. I really enjoy going to the library at school. We can take two books out at a time. At my last school we could only take out one.

So far I’m enjoying living in Pennsylvania. I’m looking forward to learning violin and making more new friends.  I think this will be a great four years and a wonderful start to a new life!


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