Drama Club Performs “Comedia Tonight!” Entertains Crowds

Every year the Wilson College’s drama club, the Kittochtinny Players put on a play. This year, the play is a bit different.

On Fri, April 12 and Sat, April 13, the Drama Club performed “Comedia Tonight!” for the Wilson College community in the Alumnae Chapel of Thompson Hall.

In the style of the Italian Commedia dell’ arte, a form of improvisational comedy, typically with masks. “Commedia Tonight!” is a play based on laughs and interactions with the audience. Director and Adjunct Professor of Drama Dick Shoap said he saw a play called “A Servant of Two Masters,” which was in the Commedia dell’ arte style.

“I thought it would be fun to do a show like that,” says Shoap. “It’s just silly fun.”

The performance consisted of two short plays by Barry Granthom: “The False Turk in Twelve Minutes” and “The Path of True Love.” Both focused on marriage and deception.

Everything in the play is portrayed in a very silly and comical manner. Even serious moments became ridiculous. The actors invested themselves in both acts and tried to get the audience to play along with them. The actors conversed with the crowd, just getting them to laugh and also asking for audience members to participate.

“This play is very interactive with the audience and the actors draw on their energy to move the action along,” said Carol Zehosky ‘15. “The Drama Club really enjoyed their time performing this play.”

“I liked it. I thought it was very funny,” says Elizabeth Angel ‘13.

The Drama Club looks forward to next year’s event.

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