Orchesis Fall Performance Excites and Captures Audience

by Sooji Han

Orchesis, Wilson College’s modem dance ensemble, presented their performance on Nov. 9 and 10 at Appenzellar-Buchanan Dance Studio.

This the performance’s theme was On Edge, Dances on the Brink. What it means is that the work that will be shown is not mainstream but cutting edge.

“Cutting edge simply implies that one must search for a meaning and bring their full attention to the task at hand. It is, to my mind, a more interesting dilemma and may have multiple dimensions,” says Paula Kellinger, Prof. of Dance and adviser of Orchesis.

This year, there are eight modern dance performances. The choreography is done by Orchesis members and Prof. Paula Kellinger.

“When I was deciding the choreography of Nritya, I had various thoughts and plenty of ideas. It was hard to choose which one to go with. In the beginning, I decided to reveal the dancers using veil as a metaphor of escaping from being trapped,” says Nena Gurung ’15, Vice President of Orchesis.

As Prof. Paula Kellinger explains, there is no thesis for the performance and through the performances we don’t wish to express a single perspective. The audiences bring their intelligence and an open mind for passionate about the work they the performance. However, the audience doesn’t have to worry about understanding everything.

Kellinger states, “Sometimes a choreographer is exploring and may be also searching for a way to express an idea. I am grateful when the audience comes with a willingness to experience something new.”

Wilson College students are very enthusiastic about the performance.

“This is the first time I watched the performance of Orchesis. I’m not familiar with modem dance. However, now I know what modem dance is. Their performance was very impressive. If I have a chance, I want to try to modern dance,” Borae Lee from South Korea.

Orchesis students and Prof. Paula Kellinger are also very passionate about the work they have done and are well prepared to showcase their hard work.

“I am enormously proud of the students. We are a smaller group than usual. I find every student who is participating incredibly dedicated and committed. We are all there to work together, discover and explore new ideas, enjoy the collaborative process, and have a good time together. I am enormously happy this semester!” says Prof. Paula Kellinger.

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