Wilson Students “Act Out” During Class

by Janessa Demeule

There is new drama at Wilson College. Theater 100 (THE 100) and Prof. Richard Shoap are its source.

It’s Not Just About Acting

“I thought it was interesting at Activities Fair last week that a number of people shook their heads as they passed the Drama Club table and said things like ‘You don’t want me. I can’t act.’ I think a lot of people sell themselves short. They should take a chance and try doing some acting. They might surprise themselves,” Shoap says.

Acting is a challenge, but the students in THE 100 see it not only as a chance to be someone else for 50 minutes, but as a tool they can use later on in their careers. Candice Grant ’13, President of the Drama Club hopes the course, “can help me improve not only my acting skills but my public speaking skills. I think students can take a lot away from acting for any profession.”

Behind the Scenes of Theater 100

THE 100 is 12:00-12:50pm every Mon. and Fri. in Warfield Hall.

The class currently has six students enrolled and Shoap plans for this semester to be significant for theater at Wilson. He requires each student to learn three pieces, either a monologue or a small scene, and present them in a public setting. This is a challenge for some, but Shoap believes that all students have potential.

Dates for the THE 100 performances will be posted later in the semester. Shoap hopes that students will support their fellow classmates during their class performances and see what the “drama” is all about.

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