Frightful Fun: Field of Screams is a must-see

by Janessa Demeule

The night was cool and the moon cast shadows as a horde of eager customers approached the ticketeer, who took money and pointed each customer towards their doom. The sounds of horror played out in a sick melody around the open entertainment area. Screams, chainsaws and evil laughter echoed all around. In the corner local bands played for the crowd. An evil looking clown with shocking green hair danced around on jumping stilts posed for pictures. It was a mix of fun and freight and it was all found at Field of Screams in Mountville, Pa.

Only an hour away, Field of Screams is a top-notch Haunted attraction. It is located on family farmland with many of the original barns converted into attractions. Already in its eighteenth season, Field of Screams has been outdoing itself each year, and this year is no exception. The Haunted Hayride, Den of Darkness and the Frightmare Asylum all renovated for the new season. In addition to their three attractions there is a new area at Field of Screams, the entertainment area. Filled with a gift shop, Bandstand area and fun games like Toxic Head toss it is free entertainment to those who have a pass for any of the attractions. The owner of Field of Screams, Jim Schopf, and his team put a lot of effort into this season’s attractions, “The effort is ongoing and we work year round.” It is clear in every attraction that everyone put their best effort into creating, building and bringing to life this fright fest.

The Haunted Hay ride is by far the most fun, if for some reason you find yourself unafraid you will still be screaming with laughter. Chainsaws, clowns, toxins and rednecks are just a few horrifying things found along the ride. But the highlight of the ride is one of the world’s largest Tesla coils makes for a shocking experience that can’t be found elsewhere. The actors here are skilled at scaring so be wary about looking too frightened or they will hone in on your fear. If you find yourself trapped within the Den of Darkness, the only way out is to traverse through the most unpleasant of places. Within the walls lies a morgue, run by the psychotic mortician, a hunter with an interesting display of trophies and a room full of corpses. The characters in this attraction are uniquely deranged and provide a lot of fun scares. The final haunt is The Frightmare Asylum, where all the lunatics hang out. In addition to a maniac with a chainsaw, there are clowns with a sick sense of humor and even nurses from Silent Hill. To survive this building you have to move quickly.

Over all, Field of Screams lives up to its hype. The effort put into making each experience new and different gleams like a pool of fresh blood. Though a few people have had to leave with the onsite medics, Schopf would like to assure that no one has died while visiting Field of Screams…Yet.


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